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Process Intensification

Creating competitive advantage through Improved and consistent quality, high efficiencies and maximum flexibility.

Safer, Cleaner, Smaller, Cheaper and Smarter processes , The basic principle of Process Intensification is to fit the equipment to the process and not process to the equipment, as is the case now.

Process Intensification can achieve drastic improvement in the time cycle and yields as well as converting batch processes to continuous process using specialized set of equipment. The design philosophy in process intensification is to design a process which has Chemical Kinetics as its only limitation. See the illustration below

“Process Intensification by Kinetics alone controlling the reaction, using specialized equipments; modification / telescoping of process steps achieves drastic reduction in time cycles and converts batch processes to continuous ; Reduced energy consumption, Reduced by-product formation; sustainability , hazard-containment, compliance to QbD and PAT and importantly a much faster time-to-market”

Illustrative examples are as follows:

  • Watt’s aldol reaction: Time needed to reach 100 % conversion 20 minutes against 24 hours in batch process
  • Fisher Esterification: gives 83% yield against 15% in batch process
  • Grignard Reaction: gives 78% yield against 49% in batch process
  • Nitration Reaction: Product purity increase from 56% to 78% and yield of mononitrate increases 55% to 75%.
  • Other Reactions: Acetylation, Amine Protection, Carbonylation, Claisen Schmidt Reaction, Esterification, Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis, Methylation, Oxidation, Phosgenation, Sulphonation, Suzuki Coupling Ring Expansion

Benefits of Process Intensification (PI) Techniques

Sponsored Projects

Scale-up for Retrofitting in existing plant as well as greenfield projects based on flow chemistry data generated in our laboratory. A well-equipped Laboratory and Pilot Plant set-up is available at our “Pi-Lab” for carrying out “FLOW Chemistry” based Reactions and utilizing numerous Process Intensification techniques for Unit-Processes & Unit-Operations for the industry to reap the benefits of Process Intensification.

The laboratory and pilot plant data will be utilized to provide the plant scale design using specialized equipments like micro-reactors, micro-plate-reactors in SiC, monolithic loop reactors, spinning disk reactors-cum-heat exchangers, FUMI reactors, dynamic mixing reactors, oscillatory baffled reactors (OBR), Bio-catalytic impregnated membrane Reactors, and other modern state-of-the-art equipments enabling conversion of batch to continuous flow processes.

We handle hazardous chemistries with very high exotherms (upto 1300 J/gm) safely in the range of -70oC to + 250oC with pressures upto 200 bar, and with reaction times from 0.03 sec to 1 hour and reactor volumes from 0.2 ml to 100 ml (Lab) and 1 L (Pilot) — yielding from 20 gms to 8 Kgs/hour (Lab) and 500 gms to 200 Kgs/hour (Pilot).

Scale Up - Flexibility & Adaptability

 …… will provide all the services for scale up to the sizes desired by clients by utilizing data from Laboratory trials.


A range of Flow Chemistry and Process Intensification equipments can be offered on rent. This enables the users to get the hands-on experience so as to select the apt equipments for their needs.