Pi Process Intensification

About Pi

Pi is a group of Chemical Engineers and Scientists specialized in Process Intensification for the API and Fine-Chemical Industries with 30+ years of industrial and research experience.

With experience of over 100 grass-roots projects in 14 countries, involving technology development, process-engineering, specialized equipment designs and detailed engineering in the areas of APIs, Intermediates, Agrochemicals, Fine-Chemicals, also using evolved techniques to handle hazardous reactions and reagents safely, such as process-intensified scale-up of Nitrations, Grignards, Catalytic-Hydrogenations, Rosenmund Reductions, Oxidations (with Air, H2O2, HNO3), Halogenations, Ethoxylations/Propoxylations Phosgenations.

Pi has a vast repertoire of successful processes using biocatalysis.

Pi is also specialized in Air Pollution Control/Abatement technologies such as use of “Dynamic Wave-form” technique, use of MBRs (Membrane-Bio-Reactors), and using HIC (High-Intensity Cavitation ) techniques and HiGee distillation technology.


Vijay Kirpalani
CEO, B.E. (ChemEng)

Vijay Kirpalani

  • Director : Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd.
  • Director : ChemSphere Consultants P. Ltd.
  • Partner : ChemSphere Technologies

Experience : 34 years

  • BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation
  • United Phosphorous Ltd. Vapi & Ankleshwar
  • Baroda Productivity Council -Project Consultancy-Div
  • ChemSphere Consultants P. Ltd as Mg.Dir.for 28 years. (over 100 grass-roots projects, with technologies/ process & detailed-engineering, turn-key plants in 14 countries)
  • Sharon Bio-Medicine Ltd. – Whole Time Director

Kumar Oza
Chief Chemistry Officer M.Sc.(Research)

Kumar Oza

  • Jt. Mg. Director : Toyota Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd
  • CTO : i-Chess Chemicals P. Ltd.

Experience : 37 years

  • IAEC (Bom) P. Ltd
  • Toyota Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Specialist in Process Intensification, Flow-Chemistry, Ion-Exchange resins manufacture & applications.

Madhav Sapre
Chief Technology Officer, B.Tech.(ChemEng.)

Madhav Sapre

Experience : 38 years

  • Corp. Head (Technical) : Sharon Bio-medicine Ltd.
  • CTO : Alchemist Ltd.
  • V.P.(Works) : RAMA Industries Ltd.
  • GM ( Proj) Jacobs H&G Ltd.
  • V.P. & Tech. Dir. : Halmark Group
  • G M ( Pharma) J K Industries Ltd.
  • Project Mgr & Factory Mgr : Jayant Vitamins Ltd.

Dr. M. C. Sriraman
Business Partner, Ph.D.(Org.Chem)

Dr. M. C. Sriraman

Experience : 44 years

  • Head R&D : Amoli Orgaincs (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Technical Director : Tonira Pharma Limited
  • Technical Director : Rutvij Chemicals Ltd. ( Divn. of Jayant Vitamins Ltd)
  • V.P. (R&D) : Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Chief Chemist to Plant Controller :Jayant Vitamins Ltd.
  • Technology Award : Malti Chem Research Centre (1980).
  • Nominated as "Man of Science -2009" by American Biographic Institute, North Carolina, USA.
  • Member of Arbitration Committee WIPO, Geneva.
  • Biodata Included in Marquis Who is Who - 2002/2003

Sanjay Shah
Business Partner, M.Sc. Research (UDCT)

Sanjay Shah

Experience : 38 years

  • Partner : URALAB
  • Technical Director : Unikal Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
  • CEO : Unikal Consultants
  • Chief Project Officer : Sahajanand Medical Techies
  • Director : Sharon Bio-medicine Ltd.
  • Indian Represntative of Obelis, Belgium.
  • Lead Assessor ISO 9000 QMS
  • Internal Quality Auditor ISO 9000 QMS
  • Lead Assessor ISO 9001-2000 & 2008 Transition QMS
  • UNIDO approved consultant under cluster development program

Dr. Ashwini Vig
Business Partner, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Ashwini Vig

Experience : 38 years

  • Director : C2C Consulting Co
  • Adviser R&D : Vardhman Tech Ltd.
  • Head TDC : NIPER
  • Director : Sislex Pharma Ltd.
  • CEO(Ops) : Surya Medicare Ltd.
  • Chief Gen.Manager : Cebon India Ltd.
  • Dy.G.M. : Ranbaxy Labs Ltd.
  • Works Manager : Gujrat Lyka Organics Ltd.
  • Plant Controller : Jayant Vitamins Ltd.