Pi Process Intensification

Pi Process Intensification Experts LLP

Flow Chemistry & Process Intensification

Chemical Engineers & Scientists    ⇒ 30+ years of experience

Grass roots Plants in 14 countries ⇒ 100+ Projects

"Process Intensified" scale ups      ⇒ 26 projects

  • Vapourtec R-Series
  • Kinetichem
  • AM Technology Coflore
  • Chemtrix
  • FlowId
  • Zaiput
  • ATR Asahi
  • Dalal Engineering
  • Fuji Techno
  • DSM-Chemtrix
  • Rotachrom
  • SpinId
  • ATR Asahi

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions


Continous / Flow Processing

Lab ⇒ Plant

Slurries / Immiscible Liquids

Gas Liquid / High Exotherm


Process Intensification

Creating competitive advantage through Improved and consistent quality, high efficiencies and maximum flexibility.

Sponsored Projects

Laboratory and Pilot Plant set up is available to support reactors & downstream equipments in carrying out chemical processes.

Scale-Up for Retrofitting

Scale-up for Retrofitting in existing plant as well as Greenfield projects.


A range of Flow Chemistry and Process Intensification equipments can be offered on rent.